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Yog-gotta be good to yourself.

Whether you're a regularly practicing yogi or just want to find out what all the "body transformation", "healing" and "zen" fuss is all about, this beach yoga experience is the gift you have been owing yourself. Its an experience that captures a variety of yoga practices in special ways, spaces and surroundings.

Your journey begins before you even get to the beach with online warm-ups emailed to you for the week prior to your trip. The journey continues on Key Biscayne when you get to beach and loosen up with a Thai massage. For standup paddle devotees or newbies, try downward dog or warrior 1 on your board; or pigeon pose in a quiet cay; or shiv asana on a lush patio at sunset. Then, take your trip home with you for a month of online classes emailed to you weekly. Namaste

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This experience is still in the works.

Please check back soon for updated information.

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