Olympic Wonderland

Time to heat things up in Lake Placid. Home to the 1930 and 1980 Olympics and renowned for its pristine backdrops, Lake Placid will bring the winter adventurer out of even the most devout sun seekers. Professional ski or snowboard lessons are just the beginning. Get in the mind of a medalist you bobsled and skeleton through the Olympic course, take the Air Bag jump, try “that sport with broom,” curling, and skate where the famous “Miracle on Ice’ took place. While not official Olympic sports, ice climbing, ice fishing and snowmobiling might as well be in Lake Placid so if you’re up for it, it will be part of your training as well. Even the most competitive athletes need some downtime, so look forward to a sports massage, delicious meals and incredible winter cocktails. Don’t be surprised if a former Olympiad shows up for dinner one night either. If you’re going to be the best then you should learn from the best!

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